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Sleepy Starz Sleep Apps

The ‘Must Have’ Sleepy Starz Sleep Apps

Auto rides, plane excursions, crosscountry moves: guardians of babies regularly wind up in a wide range of circumstances that test their tyke’s rest timetable and rest designs. Indeed, it on takes one single night of awful rest or a missed sleep time schedule that could turn around the greater part of the diligent work guardians have put in to directing their little children’s rest plan.

That is the reason Sleepy Starz Pty Ltd, a debut and driving Australian organization gaining practical experience in ‘items and data helping youthful youngsters in having a superior night’s rest’, chosen to dispatch two, must-have Sleep APPS: Sleepy Starz Free and Sleepy Starz PRO, which vow to make the rest preparing process less demanding for the two kids and guardians. Simple to utilize and the ideal travel friend for youthful kids and guardians, the Sleepy Starz Sleep Apps are not to be missed.

The Sleepy Starz Free and Sleepy Starz PRO APPS contain sleep time scenes for the kid or parent to browse which help control the tyke’s rest and wake cycles. Also, the last paid variant, Sleepy Starz Pro, offers four quieting confounds that enable babies to loosen up before rest time.

In addition, the Sleepy Starz APPS make for an awesome route for guardians to end up plainly familiar with the organization’s progressive item, the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock, which is a protected and weighty little child rest preparing help. The Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock is helping kids crosswise over Australia rest for the duration of the night and even better, guardians are getting comes about inside a matter of 2 to 3 evenings.

The Sleepy Starz Sleep Free and Sleepy Starz Sleep Pro APPS are accessible for download from both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. You can visit more data.

Whilst to transport your Toddler from a Cot to a Mattress

When to Move Your Toddler from a Cot to a Bed

One of the maximum common questions i am getting requested is “whilst is the right time to transport my toddler from their cot to their bed?” as long as there are no protection problems, I constantly recommend leaving your infant of their cot for so long as you could.

It’s quite a big step in a infant’s life in phrases of shifting out in their cot into a large mattress with out a bars round it. , they may be now not contained and have the freedom to transport approximately, off the bed and do as they prefer at bedtime!

A whole lot of mother and father make the mistake of shifting an 18 month antique or a year old out in their cot and into a mattress to make room for a brand new arrival. this is usually now not some thing I endorse for a number of motives. firstly, it’s regular for a toddler to have feelings of jealousy while mom and dad bring home a brand new sibling. that is the first large trade they want to stand of their little existence and it’s miles a big adjustment for them. Couple this with the truth that they have got been moved out in their cot (which their sibling is now the use of) and in a large mattress can be a recipe for disaster.

Whilst I respect that for some households, it is able to be a financial strain to buy any other cot to enable both their toddler and new child to have a cot of their personal……I do advise that if it’s possible, keep your infant in their cot for so long as possible. glaringly, if the kid has outgrown their cot, they may be mountain climbing out of their cot, or there are other protection worries then safety comes first and that they want to be moved to a bed. however, if not one of the above problems exist, then developing greater capability troubles via moving them right into a bed isn’t well worth it, specially when there’s no want for it.

Across the age of three seems to be the maximum not unusual age dad and mom make the move. or even by means of this age, you need to anticipate to potentially have a few issues such as your infant getting out of bed -due to the fact they are able to!

Things that parents can do to assist with the transition consist of:

  • Communicate on your baby about the circulate
  • Permit your toddler a few manipulate by letting select a few new bedding, or being in charge of switching the light off every night time
  • Use a nightlight
  • Reward your baby once they stay in their mattress and do the right element
  • Use a nap schooling clock including the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock

There are plenty of merchandise in the marketplace to assist kids sleep but the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock stands especially others. it’s far the maximum infant-pleasant clock available on the market and teaches little ones whilst to stay in bed and while they’re allowed to get out of bed in the morning. For extra statistics on the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock head to

Toddler Sleep Solution

Baby and Toddler Sleep Solutions

Scarcely any other rest preparing Baby and Toddler Sleep Solutions extras made such a buzz upon their dispatch, which can measure up to that of the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock.

While the item has just been accessible for a couple of months, the organization has gotten an inundation of requests, which has brought about Sleepy Starz putting in a critical, a minute ago request from their maker.

Remarking on the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock’s colossal, early achievement, Mrs. Emily Duffell, the organization’s prime supporter, expressed that “While we were sure that our item would satisfy a need, we were overwhelmed by exactly how rapidly it rose to noticeable quality. We trust that its prosperity is a demonstration of the two its usability and also the marvelous outcomes on kids’ rest designs it’s seen. Guardians have announced that it’s just taken a few evenings previously their kids have rested through. We are loaded proudly each time we get positive input from our clients, enumerating how the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock helped them manage the overwhelming rest preparing process”.

The organization counseled with top pros in the field of youngster advancement, to oblige the particular needs of kids matured 2 years in addition to.

Subsequent to putting in 2 years culminating Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock’s outline, the item’s first models secured an Australian development (Patent number: 2015101639), while Sleepy Starz’s U.S.A. what’s more, overall patent applications for the item are right now pending.

At the point when approached what’s on the horizon for Sleepy Starz, Mrs. Duffell said “We vow to make considerably more, inventive rest preparing arrangements, as we are loaded with thoughts on the most proficient method to enable more established kids to beat rest unsettling influences, as well. A considerable lot of our items are as of now in the improvement arrange, while we will likewise offer a first class choice of sheet material embellishments and nourishing cloths, soon”.

Mrs. Duffell has additionally penned the book Bedtime Battles: No More! Instructions to Get Your Child to Sleep Through The Night In 10 Simple Steps, accessible on, as a backup to the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock, for those guardians who are anxious to take in some surefire rest preparing systems, to take a portion of the worry off of the strenuous, restless times of their kid’s toddlerhood.

Go to for more data.

Swaddling and Todlers

Swaddling and Newborns

Swaddling a baby are a few things that has been around for hundreds of years and most positively has its place within the world of babies. In today’s day and age, swaddling remains a standard apply, however in recent times there has been additional dialogue close the difficulty and whether or not it’s truly a positive or negative act. Generally, sleep specialists, nurses and doctors agree that not solely is swaddling quite safe, however it helps in comforting the baby particularly in their transition from the uterus into the globe.

Why Swaddle?

The ideology of swaddling is comfort and serving to a newborn feel safe and is that if they’re still tucked up in their mother’s uterus. throughout the trimester a baby resides during a cosy, dark, calming heat tub of fluid. Once the baby enters the globe, they lose that sense of security and therefore the heat, dark atmosphere has been replaced by unacquainted sounds and lights and a special sleeping atmosphere.

Newborns ar renowned for his or her ‘startle reflex’ once their limbs jerk which might wake them up and result in crying and stress. A advantage of swaddling is calming a baby to push sleep that is incredibly vital. Between feeds and through sleep the baby feels safe and secure and as if they were still within the uterus. once the baby isn’t asleep and seeking additional comfort, skin to skin contact is a superb thanks to facilitate relax and calm a baby.

Swaddling and Safety

When swaddling a baby it’s vital to make sure there’s a small amount of area within the leg space so the baby will move their legs somewhat. It’s additionally vital to not cowl the baby’s head as this may cause them to overheat. Swaddling the baby with their arms straight down may be a common methodology used.

How Long to bind

Whilst each baby is totally different, most folks can grasp once the correct time is for his or her baby to prevent being swaddled. As a general rule, once the baby will roll over is that the time to prevent swaddling because the rolling promotes a security issue to the baby.

It’s vital to notice that swaddling won’t work for each baby. The sleep consultants at Sleep Consulting by asleep Starz perceive that each baby is totally different in its own distinctive means and there could also be some babies wherever swaddling doesn’t work. Sleep Consulting by asleep Starz supply reasonable sleep consultation packages and work with folks to the extent they feel snug. we have a tendency to don’t push something on folks as they grasp their baby best and wish to feel snug. What we have a tendency to do is supply collateral and empowering recommendation to folks to figure through their child’s sleeping problems. Go to for additional data concerning Sleep Consulting by asleep Starz.

Sleep time Battles: No More – An ‘Absolute necessity’ Read for Parents of Young Children

Bedtime Battles: No More – A ‘Must’ Read for Parents of Young Children

A standout amongst the most widely recognized issues among guardians of little children and infants is lack of sleep. As youngsters begin the world, they begin to push their limits – and this incorporates contradicting their pre-set sleep time schedule, getting up amid the night and a general battle against rest when all is said in done to give some examples. As meager creative impulses begin and autonomy starts to develop, regular dissensions got notification from guardians incorporate youngsters opposing sleep time and waking various times each night.

Mrs. Emily Duffell, the prime supporter of Sleepy Starz Pty Ltd, innovator of the progressive Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock and Certified Sleep Consultant has profound learning of the issue, having experienced innumerable restless evenings herself, while attempting to modify her baby’s boisterous rest plans. A blend of lack of sleep and different issues drove Emily to create post-natal misery various years prior; a typical issue with heaps of youthful mums.

Exploiting her common written work ability, Mrs. Duffell chose to pen the book Bedtime Battles: No More! Instructions to Get Your Child to Sleep Through The Night In 10 Simple Steps, to teach and in addition help spare guardians from a similar distress and lack of sleep she herself experienced all through her kid’s infant and little child years.

Sleep time Battles: No More is stuffed with handy counsel, clever tips, and simple to-take after procedures that bring about showing guardians about how to actualize a quiet and effective rest routine for babies prompting calm evenings for guardians. Mrs. Duffell’s book is an absolute necessity have for any guardians who are on the precarious edge of leaving themselves to the idea that their tyke will never appropriately stay asleep from sundown to sunset.

The book is presently accessible in the Amazon store, in both paperback & Kindle editions. Discover more data about the book and also the full scope of Sleepy Starz Baby and Toddler rest arrangements at

Bad dreams and Night Terrors in Toddlers

Nightmares and Night Terrors in Toddlers

Bad dreams and night fear are a typical event in little children and pre-school matured youngsters. In the baby years, little creative energies start to create and this can be a reason for bad dreams and night dread. Be that as it may, there are different variables which can likewise prompt these events including:

  • Fears
  • TV
  • Negative encounters
  • Technology – iPads, telephones and so forth
  • Stress
  • Overtiredness

Before we continue with what guardians can do with little children who encounter bad dreams or night-dread it’s critical to take note of the contrast between these two scenes. A tyke who has a bad dream is effectively awoken and regularly has a memory of their fantasy. In any case, a youngster who has a night dread isn’t effectively woken and will have no memory of the fantasy.

Neither of these events are by and large hurtful to a youngster. After a bad dream, a parent should comfort their kid and promise them that they are protected. It can be frightening for a tyke waking after an awful dream and it’s totally ordinary that they look for comfort from their folks.

Amid a night fear, a parent ought to guarantee that their tyke is in a protected space where they can’t hurt themselves. Following a night fear the youngster won’t be effectively awoken so as long as they are in a sheltered space and once the dread has died down the parent can leave the kid to rest.

Things that guardians can do to lessen these bad dreams and night dread include:

  • Minimise TV viewing
  • Minimise innovation utilize
  • Have set up a reliable and positive sleep time schedule
  • Try and limit occasions that reason the tyke additional anxiety or tension
  • Ensure your kid is getting the suggested measure of rest in every 24 hour time frame to dispose of overtiredness

It’s likewise vital for guardians to recollect that bad dreams and night dread are regular in babies and it’s not something they by and large need to stress over. Bad dreams and night fear are typically a stage that will pass, in any case if a parent has concerns at that point it’s constantly essential to look for exhortation from a restorative specialist. Rest Consulting by Sleepy Starz can give supportive exhortation on any rest related issues. We likewise offer a scope of moderate rest interview bundles which can be found at

Todler Sleep Tips


Having an todler in your life, particularly as a first time parent can be overwhelming as well as an exceptionally difficult affair (and additionally remunerating obviously!) However, it comes as a stun to a ton of first time guardians in connection to how an todler’s rest design functions (or doesn’t work).

In the early long stretches of an todler’s life rest happens day and night and the rest wake cycle works in conjunction with the should be nourished, changed and supported. For the most part, an todler needs between 10.5 – 18 hours of rest and will have a sporadic calendar. ‘Alert circumstances’ are for the most part between 1-3 hours long however each child is unique and once in a while an todler won’t have the capacity to remain conscious for 1 hour on end. The rest time frame itself can last anyplace from a couple of minutes to a few hours on end. todlers and children by and large are exceptionally dynamic sleepers and it’s typical for them to be dynamic in their rest. Guardians frequently report seeing their child jerk their arms and legs, grin, suck and by and large seem, by all accounts, to be eager.

Tip 1

It’s been accounted for that babies who are kept near their mum/guardian amid the daytime rest better around evening time. The sentiment closeness they feel to their parent amid the day counteracts push thus why they rest better during the evening. In this way, it can be a smart thought to wear and hold your child for the duration of the day.

Tip 2

It’s essential to encourage your child consistently for the duration of the day to advance better night resting. It’s additionally been accounted for that ‘group’ bolstering toward the finish of the can help advance better night rest, however don’t give an todler under 4-5 months oat or Farax. On the off chance that your child has been snoozing for at least 3 hours amid the day, I prescribe waking them for a bolster in order to help advance a more drawn out rest during the evening time.

Tip 3

After around 2 week of age, it’s conceivable to present an extremely casual timetable. While an todler is still excessively youthful, making it impossible to have a legitimate routine set up, a casual timetable based around encouraging and rest times can be exceptionally useful to both the todler and the parent. In the good ‘ol days, it can be difficult to settle an todler before 9-10pm around evening time. In any case, as the weeks advance, an early sleep time is supported with the possible point of a sleep time around 7pm.

Tip 4

todlers and kids read their parent’s anxiety signs effectively and frequently nourish off these prompts. It’s imperative to dependably stay as quiet as could be allowed, even in an unpleasant circumstance to advance a sentiment smoothness and unwinding in the child.

Tip 5

First time guardians regularly neglect to see their child’s worn out signs. Overtiredness makes it harder for todlers to nod off because of substance changes in their body which thus triggers a battling reaction to exhaustion. Tired signs incorporate, rubbing of eyes, yawning, curving of the back, red/glazy eyes, crying and so on. Guardians can help overcome overtiredness by putting their todler to bed prior, as well as cautiously looking out for their todler’s worn out signs and realizing what their youngster’s drained signs are.

Rest Consulting by Sleepy Starz are enthusiastic about helping guardians with any kind of rest issues being experienced. We offer a scope of moderate rest conference bundles and all interviews are directed in a supporting and non judgmental way. Go to for more data.

Rest Consulting and Sleep Training

Sleep Consulting and Sleep Training

There are a considerable measure of mistruths and deluding data out there about rest counseling and rest preparing. Rest preparing for infants and little children is something that is offered everywhere throughout the world by experts, specialists, clinics et cetera. What’s more, the sort of conference or rest preparing strategy you get depends on the expert you pick. Rest specialists and experts have diverse perspectives on rest preparing and what strategies ought to and shouldn’t be utilized. It’s imperative for guardians to examine the administrations being offered by a specific expert before drawing in their administrations to guarantee that their approach is something they are OK with. There are numerous experts who trust that ‘crying it out is a consummately fine strategy to use on an infant, and afterward there are specialists like myself who never utilize the ‘deal with it’ technique.

Rest Consulting by Sleepy Starz utilizes delicate methodologies and we work with kids, infants and families on an individual premise. There is nobody tyke that is the very same, so each case is dealt with independently and we tailor an arrangement particular to that specific youngster and family. What’s more is that we never support ‘deal with it’. Crying can be unpleasant to both the child and the parent and there are such a large number of gentler strategies that can be utilized which is the thing that we want to do. Now and again and in some fussier youngsters, controlled crying is a technique which we may embrace, however just to the degree that the family is agreeable. The parent knows their kid superior to anybody. Considering this, Sleep Consulting by Sleepy Starz advisors works with the guardians and not against them to concoct the most ideal arrangement pushing ahead. Our advisors will work out what is happening around evening time (and day time if rests are an issue) and work with the family to tailor an individualized arrangement to get rest happening.

Rest Consulting by Sleepy Starz works with customers from everywhere throughout the world and we offer to a great degree moderate bundles. We consciously work with all child rearing styles including connection guardians. The majority of our conferences are led in a steady and non judgmental way. Our affirmed specialists need to enable guardians to feel engaged and sure with the inevitable objective of the youngster falling rest autonomously and staying asleep for the entire evening. Be that as it may, we don’t drive things to happen. We approach things slowly and carefully beginning with the counsel where the expert attempt and comprehend the whole picture and work out what is occurring. With the majority of our rest conference bundles, guardians will get a point by point assessment toward the finish of the interview and this incorporates an outline of what was examined and also a nitty gritty rest preparing plan.

For more data about Sleep Consulting by Sleepy Starz go to

Rest Tips

Sleep Tips

As a rest specialist, one of the inquiries I get asked most is “When will my infant begin staying asleep for the entire evening?” The truth of the matter is most babies won’t stay asleep from sundown to sunset and it’s totally typical for them to wake requiring a bolster, additional solace or cause returning to rest.

With this being stated, there are things that guardians can actualize from a youthful age to set their child up for good resting propensities. ‘Clean dozing’ is truly imperative and can be actualized from day 1. Clean dozing is tied in with setting your infant’s body up to have a truly awesome rest and incorporates the 3 ‘E’s’ which are condition, eating and feelings.


Condition is tied in with guaranteeing things like the room temperature is right for the child to rest not very hot and not very frosty. Light is another critical factor and a child’s room ought to be dull to help create melatonin (the sluggish hormone). Clamor is additionally imperative and an influence an infant’s rest. On the off chance that you have a child who is effectively aggravated, repetitive sound be a decent alternative to blunder out outside commotions.


Most youthful infants have an eating routine comprising of bosom drain or equation. Be that as it may, what the mother eats is assimilated into a bosom sustaining child’s circulation system and can influence rest. There are sure sustenances that can help expand the rest actuating hormone, melatonin and incorporate turkey, nuts and dairy. At the point when your child is on solids, recollect these Melatonin delivering sustenances!


An infant’s enthusiastic cry ought to never be overlooked. While crying is ordinary, it is additionally your child’s method for conveying to you that there is an issue and that they require you. On the off chance that your infant is crying a passionate cry, take care of them straight away and give them what they require which could be a bolster, change of nappy or only a nestle.

Around 70%-80% of infants will stay asleep for the entire evening by 9 months of age in the event that you set up the right dozing propensities from a youthful age. On the off chance that your child is one that isn’t dozing through night by this age, it doesn’t imply that you have accomplished something incorrectly, some infant’s are quite recently fussier sleepers and it takes them longer to take in this ability.

Something else we can do to set our children and babies up for a decent rest is by having set up a predictable and positive sleep time schedule. Youthful youngsters endeavor off routine and consistency is the key. A decent sleep time routine should begin 20-30 minutes before quaint little inn incorporate things like a bolster, shower, sleep time story or a tune and saying “goodnight” with a snuggle before leaving the room (if not co-dozing). On the off chance that conceivable, let your tyke nod off freely. For youthful children, this isn’t generally simple, yet putting an infant to bed lazy yet conscious is an extraordinary approach to set them up for good dozing propensities later on.

For little children and more seasoned youngsters, there are more alternatives accessible as far as different items that can be utilized. Rest preparing timekeepers are an extraordinary approach to instruct your kid when it’s the ideal opportunity for overnight boardinghouse they can get up in the morning. The rest clock which I prescribe is the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock which can be effectively incorporated into your kid’s sleep time schedule. The Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock utilizes youngster inviting and quieting pictures to educate your kid the idea of time and when they ought to be snoozing. It includes a photo story book which is an imperative viewpoint to any little child’s sleep time schedule. It additionally includes a 15 minute commencement clock so you can set up your little child for rest time.

There are loads of rest preparing techniques that can be utilized for babies beyond 6 years old months and these range from dealing with it (something I don’t actually prescribe) to controlled crying to the ‘outdoors’ strategy. The kind of rest preparing strategy to utilize comes down to the kid and to the family. What works for one family won’t not work for the following. The most vital thing is to do what you feel great with and that doesn’t make excessively worry for yourself or the child. A child will read and react to your feelings of anxiety and this can influence their rest. What’s more, recollect forget that consistency and persistency are critical. Anything new you attempt will require some investment.

Youngsters and resting is dubious and lack of sleep is a hard thing to manage and you have to likewise deal with yourself to be as well as can be expected be for your little one.

Rest Consulting by Sleepy Starz offers reasonable rest counseling bundles. All rest discussions are led by an affirmed proficient in a strong and non judgmental way. Make a beeline for see the bundles accessible.

Crying it Out – Is It OK

Crying it Out – Is It OK?

Regardless of whether it’s alright to give your infant ‘a chance to deal with it’ is a hot and exceptionally questionable theme. Everybody has their own particular assessments on the issue and are frequently upbeat to voice their sentiment. Before I expound on my sentiment regarding the matter, there are a few actualities that I need to make thought about ‘deal with it’ in advance.

‘Deal with it’ is an expression tossed around with many people not really knowing the genuine importance of this term. In all actuality, the term ‘deal with it’ implies only that – you leave your infant or youngster to cry without taking care of them at all. In the end, the crying will tire them out and they will fall asleep….but who knows to what extent this will produce and the results it will have on the youngster. ‘Controlled crying’ then again is distinctive to ‘deal with it’. Controlled crying is tied in with giving your infant or youngster a chance to sob for coordinated interims previously taking care of their needs. For instance, you may leave your child to weep for 2 minutes before taking care of them. Whenever, you may abandon them to sob for 3 minutes before coming back to their space to settle them. ‘Controlled crying’ is altogether different to ‘deal with it’.

My feeling on the ‘deal with it’ strategy for rest preparing is that it ought to never be utilized straightforward as that. It is realized that crying can be an unpleasant occasion for both the kid and the parent and what’s more, do we need our kids to discover that we won’t take care of them when they require us? What kind of message is this sending? As a rest preparing strategy I don’t support ‘dealing with it’. Crying is a type of correspondence and a child is attempting to reveal to us something with their cry. Disregarding the cry totally is quite recently not reasonable on a little kid. In any case, it’s additionally critical to take note of that a unimportant grizzle is diverse to a cry. When attempting to nod off, a child may grizzle or make a few clamors and even stop and begin this a couple of times before nodding off. A slight grizzle and cry are extraordinary and it can be troublesome for guardians to recognize these two things, particularly with their own particular kids. Creator Tizzie Hall discusses an ‘enthusiastic’ cry versus a ‘challenge’ cry and demands that a ‘passionate’ cry ought to never be disregarded. I totally concur with this thought.

My hidden inclination regarding this matter is that if there is a gentler and more touchy way to deal with instructing your youngsters to nod off freely as well as to rest for the duration of the night then is there any good reason why we wouldn’t have any desire? There are such huge numbers of rest preparing techniques that can be utilized for instructing these standards and I will dependably swing to a strategy that includes minimal measure of crying. Each tyke is unique and a few kids are significantly fussier than others. Be that as it may, I never urge guardians to let their kids totally ‘deal with it’. While a few types of ‘controlled crying’ may chip away at a few identities, I get a kick out of the chance to discover approaches that don’t make superfluous anxiety the youngster or the parent.

Rest Consulting by Sleepy Starz is an expert rest counseling administration. We offer reasonable rest counseling bundles and all discussions are directed in a steady way with a non judgmental approach constantly. More data about our Sleep Consulting by Sleepy Starz can be found at counseling/

Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock


Our Clock is not available until early 2017. Please come back soon! Thank you

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Basic Email Sleep Package

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